Compression Parts

We produce compression part and pressed or moulded rubber parts. During production it is really important to be familiar with the field of usage. We can make any kind of shape or colour according to the customer needs. We can make oil or heat resistant rubber parts, rubber that resists high pressure or UV light.

All of our products meet all requirements of international standards and safety regulations.

Silicone compression parts have a high flexibility, water resistance, and also resist hot and cold temperatures, voltage differences. Generally it is a non-organic polymer, which due to its unique qualities it is a determining material in rubber industry.

Its main feature is the great heat resistance, thanks to which it can keep its basic technical properties in a wide range of temperature. Silicone compression parts are perfect electronic insulators, their aging resistance is almost unexcelled. They are resistant to many chemicals. As they let UV rays through, the weatherproof quality is exceptional. Due to this they are capable of outdoor usage. They are applied in machines, automotive industry, electrical and instrument industry, and also widespread in building industry.

After proper heat treatment they are capable to use for medical purposes as well.

Compression parts

Compression part