K&G Company

Our company is one of the most important producers of special silicones, different types of rubber profiles, furthermore we take a significant part in the development and production of rubber and silicone moulds.

Kecskeméti Gumiipari Ltd. was founded in 2000, and its main field of interest is the production of different rubber profiles and moulds. Our other company K&G Rubber­-Technik Ltd is a partially German owned company. Our main task is to expand the range of products and meet special needs (production of 3-4-component rubber profiles or plastic profiles). Since 2014 Kecskeméti Gumiipari Ltd. has been using thermoplastic elastomers and thermoplastic materials too, besides the regular compounds .

Our aim is with our design, development and production to make sure to provide to our customers with the best solution and highest quality. Our complex service includes mechanical design, production and trade as well.  

Some of our biggest customers:  Elektrolux, Autoflex-Knott Ltd., Audi, Suzuki, General Motors .

We produce them:

- tube profiles

- edge protector profiles

- semi-circle profiles

- circle profiles

- door frame sealing profiles

- vacuum sealing profiles and sponge profiles 

The production of all types of tools, moulding tools, pressure tools and the design of profile also happen at KG. Our designers can help to our customers with the development and specify of the requested product. 

In the past few years we made lots of developments in new products:

  • rubber springs, torsion rubber springs
  • different metallic rubber spring elements
  • sponge foams
  • silicone sponge profiles
  • TPE and plastic profiles got produced

A projectek az Európai Unió támogatásával valósulnak meg.

European Union projects:

Kecskeméti Gumiipari Ltd. is undertaking complex technological improvement in Industrial Park Kecskemét. It includes purchase of  new production machines, development of infrastructure, development of information technology, introduction to MR and its certification, to fulfil horizontal goals, environmental sustainability impact assessment, organizational development consultancy , advice for organization improvement which concern the changes  on the basis of the technological development.

ERFA financing:  "The project  can be  realized with the support of the European Union, with the co-financing of European Regional Development Fund."